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Psychology: Influential Experiments in Psychology

Classical Conditioning

Pavlov's 1902 experiment with salivation in dogs:

Operant conditioning

Skinner's 1938 experiments on rats:

Other notable experiments

Gibson and Walk's 1959 Visual Cliff experiment (Depth perception) - YouTube video (2:12)

Festinger's1957 experiment on Cognitive dissonance - YouTube video (3:32)

Influential but controversial experiments

Latané and Darley's 1968 Bystander Effect experiment - a journal article that examines the ethical issues of 3 specific psychology experiments, including Latané and Darley's.

Zimbardo's 1971 Stanford Prison experiment - Stanford University Alumi magazine article revisiting the experiment 40 years on, including ethical considerations and interviews with some original participants.

Asch's 1951 Conformity experiment - Psychology website that details the experiment and highlights the ethical problems with it.