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EndNote X7: Sharing your full library

Sharing your full


  • All users must be using EndNote X7.2 or later and must sync their EndNote desktop and online libraries through EndNote sync.
  • A library owner can sync only one EndNote library, so only one library can be shared with others (or synced to the owner’s other computers or iPad).
  • Because the entire library is synced to all recipients, including attachments, the library will take up as much space on the recipient’s computer as it does on the owner’s computer and can be used off- line. The shared library can only be accessed through the File > Open Shared Library command in EndNote.
  • Anyone sharing the library will have full access to the library - they can add, change, or delete references and attachments.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Back up your EndNote library.
  2. Sync your desktop library with EndNote Online.
  3. Click the Share Library button

The share library button has three people on it

  1. Enter the email address(s) of the people you want to invite to the shared library, then click Invite.
  2. The invitee will receive an email  inviting them to the shared library. They must click the Accept button to accept the invitation.
  3. The invitee will be directed to the page below, where they must logon to the EndNote Online account they sync through. If they do not have an EndNote online account, they can create one.

The login screen for EndNote Online allows you to login with your email and password. or create a new account

  1. The invitee will receive a notification that they are ready to access the shared library. There may be additional information on this page about updating to X7.2 or later.
  2. To open a library that has been shared with you in EndNote, select File > Open Shared Library. The first time you open a library that has been shared with you, it may take some time to download to your local computer.
  3. The Library owner can use the Share Library option to remove individuals from the list of people that share the library.


Further details: