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EndNote X7: Managing long corporate author names


This section provides information on:

EndNote, Word and Cite-While-You-Write (CWYW)

  • EndNote toolbar and Microsoft Word
  • Inserting in-text citations
  • Modifying in-text citations
  • Deleting in-text citations

Editing and sharing documents

  • Track changes in Microsoft Word
  • Converting to plain text
  • Working with long documents - unformatted references
  • Problems editing in-text citations

Using EndNote with APA 6th referencing style

  • Why are initials displayed in some in-text citations?
  • Using DOIs

Managing long corporate author names

Combining chapters

Managing long corporate author names

Corporate authors are often abbreviated using initials for in-text citations. A citation such as (North East Catchment Management Authority, 1998) could be abbreviated in an in-text citation as (NECMA, 1998).

You can edit an in-text citations using EndNote to convert the full name to an acronym:

  1. insert the reference in your document 
  2. click on the in-text citation 
  3. select the Edit & Manage Citation(s) option in the EndNote toolbar 
  4. from the Formatting drop down menu select Exclude author 
  5. add the acronym at the Prefix prompt, including a comma and extra space after the acronym, e.g. NECMA,^ (where ^ is a space after the comma)
  6. click on OK to close the Edit & Manage Citation(s) dialog window. The in-text citation should now appear in the form (NECMA, 1998) 

If you use a number of acronyms throughout a document, you may consider listing them in a glossary. You may also need to include a cross-reference to the acronyms in your reference list:

NECMA see: North East Catchment Management Authority