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EndNote X7: Using EndNote with footnotes

Using footnotes or endnotes in MS Word

Referencing styles using either footnotes or endnotes can be used with EndNote to format in-text citations and bibliographies, including ‘ibid.’, short titles and other variations of shortened references,  e.g. Chicago 16th A, Soc Biblical Lit - notes.

To insert a citation in a footnote or endnote - watch this Video demonstration or follow these steps:

  1. Use the required command in MS Word to insert a footnote or endnote, e.g. References>Insert Footnote (or Insert Endnote)
  2. Position the cursor in the footnote or endnote where you want the citation to appear
  3. Insert the EndNote citation as you would normally

When inserting citations in footnotes, you can include specific page numbers using the Edit & Manage Citations option in the EndNote Word toolbar. Short titles for subsequent citations should be entered in the ‘Short title’ field in EndNote records.

Example (Chicago 16th A)

The text has superscript numbers beside certain phrases, to mark citations; the corresponding number appears at the bottom of the page, and has the in-text citation as a footnote


The bibliography includes each of the citations you've used, and shows the full citation ie more information than the in-text citation

Further Reading

Chicago 16th referencing styles

The Chicago manual of style : the essential guide for writers, editors, and publishers. (2010) (16th ed.). Chicago, London: The University of Chicago Press.