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EndNote X7: EndNote & Word


This section provides information on:

EndNote, Word and Cite-While-You-Write (CWYW)

  • EndNote toolbar and Microsoft Word
  • Inserting in-text citations
  • Modifying in-text citations
  • Deleting in-text citations

Editing and sharing documents

  • Track changes in Microsoft Word
  • Converting to plain text
  • Working with long documents - unformatted references
  • Problems editing in-text citations

Using EndNote with APA 6th referencing style

  • Why are initials displayed in some in-text citations?
  • Using DOIs

Managing long corporate author names

Combining chapters

EndNote toolbar and Microsoft Word

When EndNote is installed on  computer with Microsoft Word, an EndNote toolbar is added to the Word 'ribbon'. The EndNote toolbar enables you to insert in-text citations for records in your EndNote library, and manage the format of the corresponding automatically generated reference list.

If after installing EndNote this toolbar is not displayed:

see Thomson Reuters KB article - EndNote Windows and Mac: After Install no Tools in Word

see Thomson Reuters KB article - EndNote X7 Mac and EndNote online Mac: CWYW tools in Microsoft Word 2016 Troubleshooting guide

If the EndNote (Windows) toolbar in Microsoft Word has disappeared or been disabled:

see Thomson Reuters KB article - CWYW tools are disabled and missing in Word

It is recommended that the EndNote cite-while-you-write (CWYW) option is only used with a local copy of documents that have been saved on your computer. Documents that you normally store in the 'cloud', e.g. Dropbox, OneDrive (Microsoft), iCloud, Google Drive etc., will need to be copied to your local computer for use with EndNote.

The EndNote toolbar may not work at all with documents stored in the cloud, or the document may become corrupt over time.

Inserting in-text citations

You can insert in-text citations into your document using the EndNote toolbar in Word.  This process will create the Reference list at the end of your document.  You can also select the way you display your in-text citation and include page numbers.

  1. Open the EndNote library that contains the references you wish to cite
  2. Open the document into which you would like to insert citations 
  3. From the EndNote tab, click Insert Citation > Find Citation
  4. Type an author's last name, keyword or year into the ‘Search for’ box
  5. Click Search
  6. From the list of reference in the results, choose the one that you would like to insert
  7. Click Insert

Further details:


Modifying in-text citations

To remove or edit an in-text citation:

  1. Place your cursor in the in-text citation
  2. Select Edit & Manage Citation(s) from the EndNote toolbar
  3. Make the required changes
  4. Click on OK

In Word, in the Manage Citations pop up screen, each of the citations you've added to your word document will be listed and will have a dropdown menu you can use to edit or remove them

To add pages, prefixes or suffixes:

  1. Place your cursor in the in-text citation
  2. Select Edit & Manage Citation(s) from the EndNote toolbar
  3. The Edit Citation dialogue box will be displayed. Make sure the citation you want to modify is highlighted
  4. In the bottom section of the screen, you can add a prefix, suffix or page numbers (remember to add a space at the end of your prefix and at the beginning of your suffix)
  5. Click on OK

Further details:

Deleting in-text citations

 Do NOT simply delete or use the backspace key to remove a citation

To completely remove a citation:

  1. Click on the citation you wish to remove
  2. Click on Edit & Manage Citation(s) in the EndNote toolbar
  3. The Edit citation dialogue box will be displayed. All the citations within the document will be listed on the left portion of the screen. Make sure the citation you want to delete is highlighted
  4. Click on the Edit Reference drop down list, and select Remove Reference
  5. Click on OK