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EndNote X7: Adding full text (PDFs)

Attaching PDFs manually

EndNote allows you to attach and manage PDF files and folders. You can import PDFs manually or automatically, and you can name and sort them within EndNote.

You can:

  • manually import a PDF file into a reference in your EndNote Library
  • manually import folders containing PDFs into your EndNote Library
  • create new references from imported PDF files and/or folders

File names:

  • Save your PDFs with file names that are as short as possible, in an easily accessible folder location that is not too many levels down from the root directory

EndNote Preferences can be set to automatically rename PDF file names based on details previously entered in the corresponding EndNote record.

In the PDF Handling section of the EndNote Preferences menu, you can select to automatically rename with author and title, author year and title, just title, or a customized option

e.g. 'Rogotneva-2015.pdf'.

Further details:

Find full text

You can use the Find Full Text function to import PDFs for references in your Library.

Set up your EndNote Library to authenticate your CSU access.  Select Edit > Preferences > Find Full Text and add:

  • CSU OpenURL:
  • Authentication URL:

Further details:

Automatic importing of PDFs from a folder

You can set up a folder on your computer from which PDFs which can be automatically imported into your EndNote library.

Select Edit > Preferences > PDF Handling > Select folder.

Ensure this folder is in an easily accessible location, and save your PDFs with file names as short as possible, or set your Preferences to automatically rename PDF files for easy recognition and handling.

In the PDF Handling section of EndNote Preferences menu, there's a check box to Enable automatic importing, and a field to select the download folder