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EndNote X7: Adding references

Adding a reference manually

References can be created manually in EndNote for documents that do not have an electronic record, e.g. pamphlets, webpages, print only sources. Data must be entered using the correct syntax to ensure the resulting references accurately reflect the required style.

John Smith > Smith, John
Climate Change: Believing and Seeing Implies Adapting > Climate change: Believing and seeing implies adapting
vol 4 > 4
pp.23-34 > 23-34
fifth edition > 5th

Links, keywords and attachments can also be added to these records.

Further details:

Entering author names

Downloading references

References can be downloaded from Primo, the Library's databases, and Google Scholar.  Instructions for each of these can be found Exporting records from Library Databases PDF.  Some of the most common databases are linked to the PDF instructions

When downloading references from one of the Informit databases, choose Complete Record or Brief and Abstract Fields so the correct Reference Type comes across with the exported Reference.

The process varies from database to database. It is also influenced by your choice of browser, e.g. Safari (Mac).

Always check records exported to EndNote to ensure they are (a) complete, and (b) accurate, e.g. form of author names, titles in sentence case, page numbers, DOI included if available. Check the Preview tab for each record to ensure it looks correct for the selected referencing style.

Further details:

Finding reference updates

X7 will allow you to update records that may not have exported with complete information, or manual records that have already been created but need more information; eg DOIs, abstracts.  Often EndNote can populate these records with the push of a button.



Further details: