CRO (CSU Research Output) is the University's Institutional repository. It is an electronic archive which stores and showcases the research publications of Charles Sturt University. CRO is an online, open-access environment, making it easy for researchers to find and access the University's published research output using the CSU Library catalogue Primo Search, National Library of Australia's Trove database, or Google Scholar.

More about CRO

CRO  is the University's  public showcase of CSU's research publications.  When promoting your publications through social media, you can provide a link to your publication in CRO, allowing easy access by other researchers as well as the broader community.

Screenshot of the CRO homepage


Research publications can be added directly to CRO or from MyResearch

You can also create a link to all of your publications in CRO that can be placed in your email signature, on your School's staff profile, or personal blog.

Screenshot of an example researcher profile showing the URL to copy and use

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