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BIO216 Research Skills Guide: REFERENCING & ENDNOTE

Referencing at CSU

The Referencing at CSU webpage has lots of helpful information about referencing.

The main referencing style at the University is APA 7th. This is the style you will be using in BIO216

For help with using APA 7th you can use:

For more obscure or difficult referencing issues, you can try these resources:

* Academic Writer
The APA's official online resource for teaching, writing, and publishing in APA style. It includes referencing resources, including short "quick guide" videos.

* APA Style Blog
You can search this site for Question & Answer type articles on tricky referencing situations.

What is EndNote?

EndNote is a bibliographic management software that you can get free from CSU Library. With EndNote you can:

  • record and manage the details of journals and books you have found in your research;
  • store and manage PDF copies of articles you have downloaded;
  • annotate and add notes to PDFs;
  • insert in-text citations and reference-list entries into essays.

Go to the EndNote Library Resource Guide for more information about how to download and use EndNote.

To download EndNote, go to the EndNote Library Resource Guide as above, or directly to CSU's Division of Information Technology Download EndNote  webpage.

What is referencing?

What's new in EndNote - Video