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Open Access: Funding bodies and Open Access

NHMRC and ARC OA Mandates

The Australian Research Council (ARC) and National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) policies require funded research be made publicly available. Publications arising from this funded research must be deposited in an open access institutional repository and/or made available in another open access format within twelve months of publication. This requirement can be met by adding the publication to CSU's institutional repository (CRO).

ARC Applies to articles resulting from funding Rules and Agreements released after 1 January 2013
NHMRC Applies to articles accepted for publication from 1st July 2012

The Chief Investigator identified in the grant is responsible for compliance. When an article is accepted for publication, they will need to ensure that CSU's institutional repository CRO, includes:

  • The publication's metadata i.e. journal name, title, author(s), volume, issue, pagination and Grant Number
  • An Open Access version of the publication, if the publisher's policy allows. Otherwise the Published Version-of-Record which would be locked, depending on publisher policies.

The publication data and documents should be entered via the MyResearch  as part of the HERDC collection. If an Open Access version of the published output cannot be placed in CRO the researcher must explain this in the Final Report.

There may be legal or contractual reasons that limit ability to comply with the mandate. The NHMRC and ARC are aware that initial compliance may be affected by pre-existing publishing agreements and the policies provide advice in this case.

Contact if you would like to discuss whether the publication can be made open access.

Further information about these mandates can be found on the Australian Open Access Support Group, ARC and NHMRC web sites.