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ebook related Q&A

Can I read an eBook online?

   Yes, you can read eBooks online. Some eBook vendors provide a Read Online option to view the eBook and loan the title to print or copy from it.

How long can I borrow an eBook?

   The borrowing limits depends on each vendor. See the eBook summary for loan periods.

Can I download an eBook to my computer?

   Yes, some eBooks can be downloaded but conditions vary between different eBook vendors. For more information on downloading conditions visit the eBook collections webpage or the eBook summary.

Is there a charge for downloading an eBook?

   No, there is no charge for CSU staff and students who wish to access and download an eBook from the CSU Library eBook collections.

Do I need special software to download eBooks? 

   Yes, for DRM protected eBooks you will need to install free software called Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) on your computer or Bluefire reader on your personal portable devices such as smart-phones, tablets. ADE licence restrictions limit the installation for any particular person to a maximum of six devices.

   ADE cannot be used in the computer lab or library as these machines are not associated with a single individual. The download option is more suitable for personal PCs, laptops or tablets rather than ‘public’ computers.

   NOTE: For DRM free eBooks no special software is required. You can download individual chapters of an eBook in pdf format.

Can I print from an eBook?

   Yes, you can print eBooks but the quantity may vary between eBook vendors. See eBook summary for more information. In case there is no limit specified the item is subjected to fair dealing provisions of copyright act (10% or one chapter, whichever is greater).

Can I access an eBook multiple times?

   Yes, you can access an eBook multiple times. Exception – if the eBook falls under restricted user access in which case you have to wait till the eBook is available.

Can more than one patron access an eBook at once?

   The number of concurrent users varies between eBook vendors. See the eBook summary for more information.

ereader related Q&A

How can I download an eBook on my mobile – Apple or Android devices?

   On some platforms you may keep the book indefinitely, while others allow you to access it for a set period (essentially, borrowing a book). 

Downloading an eBook is easy to do on most personal portable devices, but requires some preliminary set-up:

  • First download an eBook reader app, such as Bluefire Reader from the App Store (Apple devices) or Google Play (Android devices).
  • When you use the app for the first time, you will be prompted to authorize the app with your Adobe ID (create one at this point if you don’t have an Adobe account).
  • Now that you have finished your initial setup, you can download an eBook directly to your Apple or Android device by clicking on the “Download” (or similar) button for the eBook in your web-browser.
  • After you have downloaded an eBook on your device – you can read the book offline, create bookmarks and notes while the book is on loan to you.
  • In some cases, you can also return the book early - click on "Info" in bar at page top to see the expiration date and the "return item" option.

Some platforms have their own apps. Ebrary is one of these, and can be found in the App Store (although ebrary books can also be read using Bluefire Reader).

Can I download an eBook to a Kindle?

   Kindle eBook readers can only host eBooks that are protected with the Kindle digital rights management system. This means you cannot currently download CSU Library eBooks to Kindles as they are Adobe DRM protected eBooks.

   However, Kindle does support DRM free pdf files including eReadings from the Library catalogue. The simplest way to transfer a PDF from your computer to your Kindle is via USB cable. Visit the Kindle quick start guide or the Kindle help pages for the most up-to-date information.