Aligned with the curriculum and delivered in consultation with academics, but not integral to the teaching content and assessment.

  1. Integrating Information Literacy
  2. Tailored Research Skills Guides, with or without assessment
  3. Library Resource Guides
  4. Residential School classes
  5. Adobe Connect classes
  6. Library support through Discussion Boards

1. Tailored Research Skills Guides

Library staff will create an online research skills guide to help your students locate information resources.

Guides can be:

  • customised to specific assessment items
  • accessed through your subject's Interact 2 site
  • assessed with an associated quiz

See an example research skills guide

2. Library Resource Guides

Library Resource Guides can be a starting point for students research, providing a curated collection of library and information resources for CSU disciplines and key study areas.

Library Resource Guides can be :

  • Added to your subject's Interact 2 site
  • Developed for your particular discipline in consultation with Library staff

See all Library Resource Guides

3. Residential School Classes


Contact Information Services Librarians to arrange a class or library tour for your online students while they visit for Residential School.

Or, share the Library Orientation Toolbox link with them, so they know to bring their CSU card, and can take a virtual tour of their campus library in preparation for their visit.

4. Adobe Connect Classes

Information Services Librarians can arrange online information literacy training for your internal and online students via Adobe Connect. 

Recordings can be provided.

5. Discussion board support

Information Services Librarians can make "guest appearances" on your discussion boards in the weeks leading up to an assessment, and help answer any questions your students about finding information and using library services.