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Yalbilinya Ngurang: WELCOME


Users should be aware that this website may hold resources which contain images and voices of deceased persons which can cause sadness and distress to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and offend against strongly held cultural prohibitions.


Indigenous artwork

Yalbilinya Ngurang

Rock art

Yalbilinya Ngurang

Indigenous students in study group

Yalbilinya Ngurang

Rocky coastline

Yalbilinya Ngurang

Indigenous Student

Yalbilinya Ngurang

Aboriginal Flag

Yalbilinya Ngurang

Waterhole in a canyon

Yalbilinya Ngurang


Welcome to Library's Indigenous Website Yalbilinya Ngurang

‚ÄčMeaning 'Place of Learning' in Wiradjuri, Yalbilinya Ngurang (Yal-bil-in-ya Nu-rang) is a place you can find people, information and resources to help you with your research and study.

CSU Library is a place where you can come together to study and learn. We offer quiet areas, group facilities and 24/7 zones where you can study or meet with friends.

Your Library website is also available anywhere, anytime. Use Primo Search and Journal Databases to assist you in researching for your assignments. You can access eBooks and online journal articles and find links to quality websites and information.

If you need help you can chat live online to a librarian, phone the Library on 1800 808 369, or use the email enquiry form (web form). Library staff are available to answer your questions and help you with your study.

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