Welcome to the CSU HSC Guide for Mathematics. On this page, you will find resources for Mathematics (2 Unit) and Mathematics General. 

Generic resources

  • Ask Dr Math
    Questions and answers arranged by grade level and topic, or findable by searching.
  • CK-12 Resources
    Choose a Maths topic to find a huge range of explanations, videos, mini-tests, and other resources
  • eFunda Mathematics
    Worked examples, terms, descriptions. Topics include arithmetic, geometry, calculus, elementary and special functions, statistics/probability and more.
  • NRICH Maths
    Learning materials and problems.
  • THSC Online Maths Resources
    Past papers, assessment tasks, Trial papers
  • Wolfram MathWorld
    Wikpedia for maths.


Mathematics (2 Unit)

NSW Education Standards Authority: Mathematics - includes syllabus, assessment materials, guides and resources.


  • ACE HSC for Mathematics
    Free resources including videos, exercises and formulas.
  • Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Section
    Information on Fibonacci Numbers, the Golden Section, and their applications. Also links to information on other topics including fractions and trigonometry.
  • Purplemath
    Links to sites with lessons, tutorials, worksheets and more, for algebra students.

Mathematics General

NSW Education Standards Authority: Mathematics General - includes syllabus, assessment materials, guides and resources.