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Library client survey 2017: Our resources

In this section:

Resources are the materials you need to get your study and research done. We usually think of eBooks, print books, journals and journal databases, but along with this we need to include the services used to find these materials, including the library website and Primo Search.

Most of your feedback was about Primo Search and our eBook collection, which we're taking on board as we go further.


Primo Search

Primo Search is one of our highest "Needs Improvement" areas, and you gave us lots of ideas about which improvements to make. 

We plan to improve:

  • Technical issues, including how to report broken links, time outs, and unavailable full text;
  • Functionality, including opening links in new tabs;
  • Display of irrelevant search results;
  • Look and feel of the dashboard, to improve issues of "clunkiness"

We also want to raise awareness of how to use existing tools, like how to save searches, how to use facets and filters, etc. 

What we've done so far:

  • Launched a new, responsive Primo Search interface
  • Developed a new "report a broken link" form that makes it easier to let us know if a link isn't working.

Online resources

You consistently tell us that the most important factor for you is whether “Online resources (e.g. online articles, databases, ebooks) meet my learning, teaching and research needs”. This year your rating of our performance in this area put CSU Library in the top 20% of Australian University Libraries. 


Generally, you love our eBooks and requested that more be purchased. The bulk of the issues raised were related to a lack of knowledge regarding accessing and using eBooks. 

Issues include:

  • Difficulties finding/accessing/using/downloading eBooks
  • High demand leading to turn-aways 
  • Inadequate loan terms
  • Lack of prescribed readings available as eBooks
  • More eBook chapters as recommended readings.

We’ll focus on:

  • Providing more information about how to find and use eBooks
  • Making it easier for you to suggest new titles to purchase
  • Wherever possible replacing high demand physical items with eBooks.

eJournals and databases

Comments about eJournals and databases raised several issues, including:

  • Embargoes
  • Issues with accessing full text, e.g. Links to journal articles not working, previously available journals no longer available/unable to access specific journals, Full Text unavailable
  • Difficulty finding journal databases/articles
  • Under-representation of some disciplines in databases and journals. 

We'll focus on:

  • Ensuring Primo Search has the correct information about our holdings
  • Working with academics to identify subject gaps in our collection. 

Physical collections

Regarding our physical collections, you've suggested several ways to make improvements:

  • Raise awareness of services CSU Library provides such as scanning/copying services, workplace learning support and postal delivery
  • Increase access to high demand resources 
  • Maintain and prioritise currency of resources 
  • Make physical resources available on all campuses
  • Review the condition of books in collection
  • Assist with difficulty finding physical resources in collection.

We’ll focus on improving signage in our libraries; find ways to find resources; better promotion of our services; investigating ways to improve delivery times; and replacing high demand items with eBooks wherever possible. 

Library website

After your feedback in the 2014 client survey, we updated our public facing Library website and our Student Portal Library site. Your satisfaction with them has increased since then, which is a great result.

We know we can still improve, and you've identified:

  • Confusion between the CSU web search and the Library’s Primo Search fields;
  • Access to the Library website from Student Portal and Interact2, and mobile devices;
  • Navigation and finding the right information, especially for new users. 

We'll work on making improvements to these aspects of the websites.